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4 H.I.S Glory (Honor In Song) is a ministry dedicated to uplifting the spirit of God and singing His praises to point listeners in the direction of salvation through Jesus Christ. Composed of 13 uniquely talented, born-again believers.

4 H.I.S Glory is a gospel ministry actively living out the call and impacting lives for the better through song. This young and growing ministry with a fresh sound loves Christ and they love music. From various backgrounds and experiences, they bring all of their amazing gifts together to be a powerful force for the kingdom of God.

The foundation of the music ministry started with the vision and anointing of Larry Crider II, a musician and composer with various skills in the field of music. Crider who was blessed with the gift of music at a very young age and gave his life over to God at 8 years old, has had the privilege to serve in many musical organizations throughout his life. Crider has also been blessed to serve in many positions such as Soloist, Musical Director, Student Director, Songwriter, and Arranger, with his most coveted one being a “born-again child of God”.

4 H.I.S.Glory – Thank You

Crider has performed and shared the stage with the likes of Tremaine Hawkins, Earl Bynum, Shawn Bigby, Karen Clark-Sheard, Vashawn Mitchell, Byron Cage and Judith McAllister. No matter how big his blessings are or how hard his struggles become, Crider maintains holding on to his faith and being used exclusively for God’s glory.

The ministry has stood true to its foundation since February 2013 to be wholeheartedly about being used for God’s glory. The founder and its members all aim to honor God in song and spread hope to the desolate. The ministry uses music as a way to preach to dying, lost souls. They are committed to building the kingdom of God. With their mission based in Isaiah 61:1-3, this music ministry is equipped with their swords and fortified in his spirit.

For the single, “Thank You” is Available Now! iTunes:

4 H.I.S. Glory – Thank You



4 H.I.S. Glory – Live Interview


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