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A truly seasoned Artist, a published Journalist specializing in the Arts, an International Film Documentarian, current Television Producer, published Author, Artistic Marketing Agent, ASCAP Songwriter, Arranger, Consultant, Community Activist, Event Planner, and most of all Pioneer.
She was once referred to as the Mother Teresa of Bermuda’s creative talent.
She has pioneered not for the fame or fortune but has shed tears over us recognizing, believing and supporting ourselves.
With all her ventures she promises to assist others by promoting and displaying their dreams before the world. She brings her creative pioneer skills having produced and co-produced many successful shows, workshops, television series and overall events.

LA Virgil – Be That Change

As a journalist LA has interviewed numerous celebrities as well as independent artists. Has had over 300 published articles some of which were published in “Bermuda Times”, “The Bermuda Sun”, “The Royal Gazette”, “Skope Magazine”, “Vent Magazine” “Bella Online” and recently the national online “” She is the Philadelphia Music Examiner for She also was the first to inaugurate local artists CD reviews.
Her company Hismultimusic has remained ranked in the top 8 positions for the past year within her region for Reverbnation.
She had to step outside of her box and push her envelope by having to interview and work alongside New York’s top stylists and make- up artists. As a result she recently co-produced an industry staging performance of a recording group in Midtown Manhattan before a crowd of standing room only.
Co-produced Contemporary Gospel Album with legendary saxophonist Keith Lee for HisMultiMusic. This included everything from hiring of various musicians and background vocalists who were given chosen pieces to learn ahead of time. Hiring of photographers, wardrobe stylist, booking of studios, engineers and design team for CD production.
Produced several Philadelphia and New Jersey acts for Chris Curry’s “So You Want To Be A Star” at legendary Amy Ruth’s in Harlem, New York. This featured various legendary acts as well as established music executives.
“Voices Unheard” at the Belmont, which was the first vocal section of the British Federation for the Advancement of the Performing Arts Festival. One of the finalists in that contest has gone on to star in Broadway musicals. Others have recording deals!
In her earlier years she and her team produced “Chances ’97”, the first “Road Safety Music video commercials” “Gospofest 97. Then in 2005 she promoted “Radical Praise” the first Gospel reggae concert at St. Paul’s AME Centennial Hall where she was publicly ridiculed by the media because she was behind the “first devil music” and now it is just another common music genre.
Produced “A Night of Bermuda’s Stars” for the Bermuda International Business Association where she handled her assigned budget right down to the penny, not a dollar over. It was at this public event where she established the first united pay scales for local artists at a range of $100 to $500 per song. Today in Bermuda many of these rates still apply to artists.
Be sure to check out her upcoming feature in BWD Magazine’s June issue. You’ll see just how much more she’s accomplished.
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