From the shadows of Detroit, emerges Gospel singer, composer, and producer Lawrence LaVale Hancock. A native of Toledo, Ohio, Lawrence was born June 4, 1974 and quickly developed into skillful songwriter, musician, and choir director. Impacting audiences with his songs since age 11, Lawrence’s third album release Live Again, on LV Productions/Independent Records, seats him firmly to impact with a message of life through reconciliation and favor. Studying music formally has given Lawrence exposure to a range of music from traditional gospel to classic hip-hop, Lawrence uses the entire spectrum of musical styles for this album. “To live, means to enjoy real life…a place I’ve discovered in God that not only makes Him more relevant to me, but allows me to express God better through music!” With a neo/urban sound, Hancock has not allowed the tracks to drown the message of Christ. Each song written expresses the creativity of a beat maker yet ministers from the heart of a worshipper. Since his 2013 debut release Trust In Him, a Thomas A Dorsey Gospel Music Convention Song Of The Year, Lawrence remains committed to having a variety of musical styles to meet wide range of music enthusiasts. This approach produced his first breakout song All Things In You peaking at #22 on the Digital Radio Tracker Top 50 Gospel Songs in 2014.

Hancock has been shaking the box as one of Gospel’s new voices and producers. Having shared the stage with Geoffrey Golden and Chrystal Rucker, Hancock has remained committed to gospel after a few offers to produce r&b and hip-hop. Giving his life to Jesus at the age of 4, Hancock’s commitment to Christ-centered music comes natural. Even as an NAACP ACT-SO National Competitor in Music Composition in high school, the music was creatively expressed with a variation of themes, but resolved at the cross.

With the 2015 release, Hancock emerged as a vocalist in his own mind. “As a child, I was blessed to write music…but was told not to sing.” The title track My Destiny and I Want To Know You both peaked in the Top 5 of the Digital Radio Tracker Top 50 Gospel Songs. Forging ahead, Hancock has created his own flavor of Urban Christian music that embodies Neo-Soul to Acoustic expressions. The music distributed around the world has found special placement in South Korea among the globes best markets for him.

Lawrence Hancock – You Prosper Me ft Arthur Bishop

Bishop Lawrence Hancock is one who sits at the table with God’s elite as an upperclassman of the Joint College of African-American Pentecostal Bishops. “We are commissioned to compel people to know Jesus…in this postmodern era…it takes word, music, and deed to win the lost and propel the found!”

Running from the call to preach, Lawrence yielded at age 25 and later establishing the Final Harvest Church in 2005. “God used the music to help me develop a relationship with him…I would have been a hard press to get me to be preacher first…the weight and life were always understood as worship leader, and I wanted no parts of it!” Today, Pastor Hancock serves God’s people using traditional methods with technology for efficiency with a multi-cultural congregation. Known for his no nonsense approach, Hancock serves with a perspective graced through serving the church in various capacities for the last three decades in Detroit, Alliance, Akron, Canton, and Toledo Ohio.

Lawrence Hancock’s October 2016 release Live Again takes the listener on a musical journey of relationship with God. Utilizing the credentials from the DePaul University and Berklee College of Music, Bishop Hancock fuses Sunday Drive grooves with undisputed lyrics to connect the listener to God. Songs You Prosper Me and Work It Out creates space for thanksgiving and reflection. Contrasting tunes Adonai and Abba Father evoke reverence and adoration. Live Again and The Place I Belong create an intimate environment for worship and praise. “My desire is to create music that encourages the listener to connect with God when the music hits them!” With collaborations with Sister Amy Nicole on Live Again, Hancock believes that atmospheres are subject to the sound that God releases. With the hands in the air duet with Harold Haynes on Work It Out, the desire to celebrate God’s faithfulness is evident! Life-long friend Arthur Bishop, makes appearances on Sax on Glory And The Praise and You Prosper Me.

Bishop Lawrence Hancock has embraced the journey as an emerging recording artist as it’s a critical part of his arsenal to win souls for Christ utilizing all the gifts God has given!

Lawrence Hancock – Live Interview


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