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BWD Radio On Demand @QuincyForte Singer #Songwriter #Alternative #RNB #Soul #Blues 7/26/12

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    Former member of Chasing February and Ducado Vega and Bloodrich, I have crafted my talents, throughout the Dallas local music scene, since 2003. However, with my growth as a person and musical ...

BWD Radio – On-Demand Interview – Hip-Hop/Rap Artist Blueboy 7/24/12

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    Blueboy is a man of few words (unless he's rapping) and a lot of action.   Blueboy keeps it real at all times and that's the only type of people he will align himself with.   Bluebo...

BWD Radio – On-Demand Interview Pop Artist Vassy 7/19/12 #Hollywood #California #CA

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    Vassy’s new album Beautiful Day (released May 1) delivers alternative-pop tracks that have been snapped up by global brands Google, Victoria’s Secret, Chevrolet, and Nike. More than a favorite of...

BWD Radio On-Demand Interview Hip-Hop/Rap Artist Red Sonya @RedSonya4eva 7/17/12 #Florida

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    When you hear that thunder clap in the distance right before a rainstorm, you know Red Sonya is coming!   Hailing from Daytona Beach, Florida, Red Sonya is definitely a lyrical tornado w...

BWD Radio – On-Demand Interview – Artist RAYMONEE 7/12/12 @RaymoneeOfSSE #Atlanta

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    RAYMONEE (pronounced RAY MONEY) born Raymundo O'Kelley on January 22, 1981 in Atlanta, GA., raised in a two parent household as the second oldest of six children, who had the power of a dollar ...

BWD Radio – Indie Artist – On-Demand Interview – Artist Kane AKA EA-KANE 7/10/12

6.77K Views3 Comments

    Before I start telling the world anything about me, I will tell you first I’m not a rapper. I prefer to be called an artist. I feel strong about this because the people I admired most, in the m...

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