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Bwd radio greatness

I think the company is great and did everything that was promised. Helped us get to a better spot in our music career. Thank you so much ... I Am One Of A Kind, LLC.

charles caldwell
I Am One Of A Kind, LLC.

Professional & Engaging. Great Work Ethic.

Hi, I am new to this station in terms of awareness; placement, so I have yet to see the immediate or long-term outcome, but I did my research and this stations seems like it is one I'll enjoy being apart of. I'm really passionate about my music so I just want someone to help me bring my vision to life through and all other resources. Thanks BWD RADIO. I'm looking forward to seeing where this takes us. 🙂

Great opportunities with dominating force!

If you haven't heard this station yet or hopped on one of their many promotion opportunities; you're really missing out. What a blessing to be in rotation on here and a Major shout out to the staff and Ms V. ✊✊✊✊✊☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️

Looking forward to future business endeavors!

We are very satisfied with the service provided by BWD RADIO and look forward to future business endeavors!

Yung Cuzzin of Cuzzin-X
Knockumentry Music Productions

"Total full-filment.....One of the best.....Nuff respect!

We love you guys "because you deliver" and because you "care"!

Not only from a theological aspect but practicality also.

You take pride in what you do, this is evident by the way you reach out to your audience.

We appreciate the 110 percent commitment you put into the promotion of our artist's materials and we look forward to a long lasting relationship.

Thank you Ms V and BWD, you definitely live up to your Name Brand.

Pauline Smith
In-Ex Records

One of the best radio stations out there!

We got too many Good Radio Station's then to do bad business with the other stations! BWD Radio @bwdradio_ is one of best Station's out there. Thanks for everything... Good Music Forever #MrAutomatic

Jwick Sparrow
War-Town Records

Thank you so much and...

I would like to give a big shoutout to BWD Radio and Miss V for all that you do for independent artist. Thank you so much and continued success.

Darryl Allen
Enfamous Kartel

The Designated Drivers!!

I can't say enough great things about Ms. V and BWD Radio. To sum it all up into two words would be "Incredible Results". The best online promotion program I've come across.

The passion behind what they do and who they represent is evident by the way they communicate with their clients. "They really make you feel like a part of the "team". Not only did I see results, but I felt like they embraced my project. It seemed as if they were pushing my song even harder than I was!

I really didn't know what BWD stood for when I signed up, but to me it will stand for, "Because We Deliver". I know its up to me to take my music to the next level, but thanks BWD for lighting the fuse. #IWillBBack
Much Love! Chris Perkins

Chris Perkins
Chris Perkins

Real, Dependable, Great, Affordable

I strongly urge independent artists to take advantage of the extremely affordable and solid promotional services that BWD Radio has to offer. Other companies stations/promo services have been offered to me but I never found them to have packages that fit my budget, while providing excellent service and immediate results! And they spelled my name right! 🙂 I will definitely be using BWD Radio to promote future songs and videos! Thank you Ms. V, thank you BWD Radio! - Johnaa'

Love Miss V! She keeps your Spirits High!

Love Miss V! She keeps your Spirits High! The rotation of my music fit her format of music and of other great artists.

Artists... Love it like t-bone steak!

robbie mosely

BWD Radio helped us reach new fans

I highly recommend BWD Radio. Veralyn and the group are wonderful to work with. They went above and beyond to help us with our latest group A&L to ensure that we maximized our radio budget to ensure our campaign was a success.

Anthony Casuccio
Buzz Records

They don't talk ; they are about it!

Love the radio station, they get the job done!

Darrio green

Great Customer Service!

BWD Radio has great customer service! They are always prompt with getting back with answers, and solving any concerns we may have--it is the reason we are repeat customers of theirs!

very good work

Definitely good work. I recommend these services to anyone trying to promote themselves and get their music out!

Sparda Lanzetti

Excellent, Genuine and AWESOME

I'm very pleased with BWD Radio's services. I am already seeing a growth on my single link for my track Meltdown on youtube and social media followers.

This company is excellent and genuine to the 't'.

Highly recommended!!! Because no one does it like Ms V. Let us always remember who's there supporting the independent artist in this industry.

Rich Rose
Sick Seed

27 years of entertaining the world!

BWD Radio did exactly what they said they would do!!! Solid station....

Tavion Millioune


It means so much for us as independent artists to be played on radio. I have been on Twitter and have seen with my own eyes..#NP.GOD IS (1 or 2) and the feeling is simply wonderful, to know that our efforts were not in vain means the world to us. If you want your music played, and promoted BWD Radio is the only game in town. There is a ton of great music out here. Very few artists realize promotion, and airplay is more important than the song...it carries it to your audience. BWD Radio delivers!!

and the feeling is

Lillie Irene Jackson, Zaricor Jackson Jr.

DJC Music is a music production and record label. We also have a live radio show

BWD Radio was very professional to deal with. Their promo package was well worth the cost. My song was played extensively and the interview was a lot of fun. I would recommend this service for any artist seeking to gain some more exposure for their music.

Douglas Coleman
DJC Music

Music Music Music


BWD Radio is a great connection and thank you for playing. I've Never Been Down off my cd Original Lyrics Dream. I will return soon with my next song for your listeners to enjoy!

All the Best

Russell Foisy

Russell Foisy

Great Variety

I really like hearing one of my songs mixed in with such a great variety of good sounding music.

Vernon Little
Tate Music Group

great promo boost

I submitted a track from my upcoming ep, and within a day, you guys had it in rotation.. The service is a great find along the way; when you're researching and doing most of your own online promotional stuff. Also very affordable! Thanks for helping me get my music out there further!

Check me out on twitter @matteugeneleger

innovative, creative and trustworthy

A big thank you and a show of appreciation to BWD RADIO and Ms. V one of the greatest, charismatic and fun radio hosts I've come across thus far. Thanks for giving indie artists such as myself a platform and opportunity for our music to be heard and appreciated.

Linval McKnight

Thank you BWD Radio

Independent radio is the most helpful outlet for indie artists. It allows your music to actually be heard from fans not just seen on some blog page. They also posted my music video and played my songs in rotation in addition to putting an article about me in their magazine.

BWD thank you for your support

Follow me on Twitter @djbassassin

Tyler Williams

If you'll listen, I promise I'll sing!

BWDRadio!!! Gets your music heard! I submitted my music and the next day I received an email saying Convicted is in rotation! Thank you for staying true to your word and getting Simply Moe heard. I will gladly recommend your station as well as your services to other Indie Artists. I will continue to work with BWD Radio.

Thank you

I submitted my materials yesterday evening and received an e-mail this morning confirming that my single, "Keep Dreaming," was already in rotation on the network. Very quick turnaround! I am truly appreciative of the opportunity BWD Radio has provided me to get my music heard by a new audience. Cheers, y'all!

-Fly Academic

Fly Academic

Rapper | Songwriter | Composer | Record Producer | Tri-Sharp Productions | SME

BWD Radio provides the opportunity and platform for local Artists with an undying drive to share something that is meant to be shared with a community and the world, which is Music itself.

Using this service is also like killing two birds with one stone because not only you are receiving maximum exposure, but also earning royalties from the radio spins due to the different organizations BWD Radio is affiliated with such as, SOCAN and Sound Exchange.

I want to extend much of my love, gratitude and appreciation to BWD Radio for sharing my Artistic visions with their audience so far, I hope to continue to collaborate with you and best of luck to all of the other Musicians who are featured on the station.

Always supporting the local!
FOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES: amajorthefbra1@gmail.com

Great Service!!

We represent the artist Maxine, and we are very pleased with your all's service.

Not only does your all's service play our client's music numerous times to about a quarter million listeners, you all also tweet out every time it is played which truly helps generate more followers for our client Ms. Maxine.

Great service, and we look forward to working with you all more in the very near future!!

Greye's Interview with Ms. V

Greye's interview with Ms. V was AWESOME!!! We can not thank BWD enough... we have truly received excellent service and will happily submit additional songs to BWD Radio. It has been worth every penny spent.

Karen Wardle

Great for upcoming artists!!!!

Let BWD work with you, get your music played on the air and have the world see what you have to show. Much respect for Ms.V & BWD Radio!! Would hop on this chance anytime of the day.



Joshua Olin
Whinfrey stars/GUNIT

BWD Radio delivers exactly what is says on the tin...

To date, our band 'Mirrored Shower' have had two singles 'Home For The Brave' & 'Your Hands' on rotational spin for a month each and our video 'Your Hands' featured on the play lists.

I can truthfully say, BWD Radio are an exemplary media network who give Indie Artists the opportunity to reach a listening audience and gain many fans.

I would highly recommend your company to all my music friends & fans and the price is very reasonable to gain exposure as well.

Congratulations to all for running such a slick operation.

Many thanks... Ian (Mirrored Shower)...

Ian C Uren
Mirrored Shower

Great dedication to the art of music.

BWD Radio has done exactly what it said it was going to do for Amen Alibi, to provide a platform for independent artists to get heard, and to have the sharing on social media is a great plus, for both BWD Radio and Amen Alibi and any band accepted by BWD Radio for radio airplay. Thank you Ms V and God Bless!!

Rick C
Amen Alibi

Rick Couture
Amen Alibi


You guys get the job done! We were blown away over how fast our artist Nattyva got airplay! All labels and artists need BWD Radio! Will be sending them more tracks next week!! Thanks again guys!

George Baker
Roadhouse Records

A BIG Shout Out for BWD Radio

A BIG shout out for BWD Radio!!! Greye (www.greyemusic.com) has been very impressed by BWD Radio's professionalism and support. The promotional packages offered are set at VERY reasonable rates, allowing artists to truly broaden their net of listeners without breaking the bank. BWD Radio's staff has been more then welcoming and has delivered exactly what they offered!

“Greye” http://greyemusic.com/music has been in rotation since August 25th and we have recently added “I Love You” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xApUfPrFu_I to rotation. BWD Radio has played the songs a number of times through the month and the tweets just keep coming. We can not wait for our interview with Ms. V. Thank you BWD Radio for all you do to help Indie Artist be heard. (:

Karen Wardle

BWD Radio helps get your music out to the fans

As an independent artist, it is hard to get airplay for your music. BWD Radio removes those barriers and helps get your music out to the fans, and the price is very affordable.

Darryl ALLEN

One of the best online radio stations!!

"BWD Radio" is one of the best online radio stations. Ms. V and her team are about playing and supporting indie and independent artists from all genres of music. I'm grateful that BWD Radio is playing my music. I look forward to submitting and promoting my music on BWD Radio.

Continued success to BWD Radio!!

Carlos Morgan
Solroc Music

Great Opportunity for up&coming artists



Whinfrey g
Whinfreys stars


As independent production company and artist consulting firm we have to create new ground breaking Strategies to promote our artists/clients. BWD Radio is a great platform and opportunity for an indie label or artist to break a single to new audience of fans.

The staff at Rashisland, Inc., would like thank Miss V and the BWD Radio Staff for giving our artist Ladi Luciano the exposure needed to break her new single. You can also hit me on Skype.

Tremayne Owens


Very Beneficial.....

BWD RADIO has delivered, just as they advertise, 100 percent real Radio Station... That Produces Great Results...


Diverse Airplay - One Stop Promotion

Running an Independent Record Label has always been a dream for me. My approach to music has always been about crossing boundaries and fusing styles. It's hard to find one place that will accept a diverse range of styles and yet find a common perspective. BWD Radio and BWD Promotions have done that for my Label. I have a diverse roster from Christen Marucci Dance /Pop (Grammy Nominee) to Indie Singer Songwriter Peter Kelly and Amanda Marucci Soul Neo Dance to Rich Holley Straight up Country. It all works here. So thanks Ms V for keeping it diverse and giving the people what they want.

Great Exposure and Effective Promotion

I came across BWD Radio and found Ms. V to be a charismatic personality and someone who is dedicated to exposing and promoting quality music, indie and otherwise. From very early on she played and promoted my artist Christen Marucci and her song " Masquerade". I remember her reply upon me sending in the song saying "Great Track". Those words were encouraging. I found out yesterday that Christen was nominated for a Grammy in the Pop Vocal category for her performance for "Masquerade" Thanks to BWD Radio and Ms. V for their support from the beginning, and Congrats Christen!

John Campos
One Mind Music


BWD Radio offers such an amazing service to artists. The exposure that my debut single 'I LIFT MY HANDS' has received has been awesome. The track is available to listeners, not just in Nigeria, but worldwide. Thanks guys!

Uzo O'achi


BWD Radio gives indie artist a chance to shine by playing their music, It feels good to hear your music on the radio and thanks to BWD Radio I can showcase my talents, Shout outs to BWD Radio!!!!!!!!

Ricardo Duran

The Number 1 Global Radio Station for Indie Artists

I have been very impressed by BWD Radio's professionalism and support for Indie Artists. The promotional packages you offer are set at very reasonable rates, allowing Indie artists to truly broaden their net of listeners without breaking the bank.

'Mirrored Shower' have been on rotation for a month with our song 'Home For The Brave'. As promised by yourselves we were played 3 times a day every day and garnered more fans & RT's /Favorites than any other promotional venture we have tried. I would 'highly' recommend BWD Radio to any budding musician. A big thank you. Ian & Sonny.

Ian C Uren
Mirrored Shower


Thanks to BWD radio for the exposure. The radio spins and rotation for my songs 'Arise' and 'The Shanana Song' were excellent. Will definitely recommend. You guys do an amazing job.

Eloho Efemuai

A valuable, time-saving resource for serious musicians.

I really love the fact that I was instantly able to correspond with a real person, as opposed to some automatically generated email response. I received excellent customer service and they were great with communicating with me on any concerns I may have had. I will definitely be a repeat customer!

By the way.. My single "A Lil Bit Mo" was put into rotation very quickly..(important info. Lol)

Mushran Johnson
Write Now Entertainment

Record Label..promotes artist: "Ace Diamond" & a few other acts

BWD .. is a fine Internet Radio Station that I just became aware of and they play multi-styles of good music..I just signed on with them and they are playing my new single: "BADDEST GUNSLINGIN' MAN" by Ace Diamond ( Title cut from an album of the same name).. Looking forward to a long relationship with BWD radio & I highly recommend their service.

Label owner :Rich Gowell (ALLAGASH COUNTRY RECORDS)

Rich Gowell aka Ace Diamond
Allagash Country Records

BWD Is On The Cutting Edge of New Music

I love BWD radio. They play a lot of great new music that my friends and I love to listen to. We discover new artists and songs we had never heard b4. BWD was playing my own single UPSIDE DOWN b4 almost anyone else - they have good taste!

Chloe Collins
Chloe Collins

Great Exposure

We have had a great experience with BWD radio. We have definitely seen some results and fan accumulation because of the airplay we received. Looking forward to having additional artists on BWD Radio and interviews with Ms V!

John Campos
One Mind Music

True Independent Artist & Music Company:

BWD is a true Indie music company. One of the best Internet Radio Stations and Video Blogs out there. A great way to get your music heard and get a wider fan base! The PaleFace Junkies song Lord Of The New Church has been highly requested by the listeners of BWD Radio!

Kid Vibe

BWD offers great exposure for indie musicians

Volt, a hard rock/classic metal band from southern New Jersey, is very happy with the feedback we’ve received from BWD Radio listeners. We have seen many requests for our two tracks in the rotation--"Blink” and "Gone"--and a lot of retweets and favorites for BWD Radio "now playing" tweets. BWD provides great exposure for indie artists to deliver their music to a wider audience.

Brian Hirst